A Few Great Card Games For Playing On A Date Night

digital-art-398342_1280One of the best ways to spend time with your loved one is playing a board game. Whether you’re cooperating toward a common goal or doing a light-hearted competition, playing a game with your significant other is usually loads of fun.

Some games, however, are better than others for such occasions. You’ll be looking for a game that suits two players well, and tends to encourage conversation and interaction between the players. These games are great for building comfort and spending time with your date. Here are some nice options:


Puzzles are very commonplace for a reason – they’re fun! It’s always good to work with your date towards a long term goal such as finishing a long puzzle – and then you’ll have an excuse for them to come over in a few days! You’re going to spent vast amounts of time with each other, concentrated and relaxed, and you can talk about your day and all sorts of things while you do it.


If you’re feeling more like you want to compete and do something a little more energetic, Jenga can be a better option. It might not seem like much of a thrill when you think about it – but it sure does when you play. As you keep removing blocks from lower levels and placing them at the top, the tower gets closer and closer to falling and you have to be more careful each time.


Now this is a game that requires good memory, concentration and linguistic skills. It’s a great brain teaser, and it can be great to compete with your date and see who has the sharpest mind. If you’re both competitive and like to read, you’ll likely end up playing for hours, barely noticing how much time has passed.


This is a simpler game, more luck-based than anything else. When you just want to have a laugh, you can end up having fun just throwing dice and rooting for combinations.


Not only they’re super portable, dominoes are a classic that everybody knows how to play. It has lots of strategy involved, but can easily be played by novices without much of a hassle.

Checkers, Chess and Backgammon

Nice options for when you’re competitive people who like to think strategically, these games are old staples that people usually know how to play as well. The trio has lasted for generations, and it’s not hard to find a set that has the three of them in it.

Getting To The Next Level

Of course, the traditional tabletop vibe is only good for the first few dates. Once you and your date are comfortable with each other, and looking to break the ice and spice things up a bit, you can try some wilder games designed specifically for people dating and trying to learn things about each other they wouldn’t ask directly.

When you start playing this sort of game, you’ll spice things up a bit and build tension – which is an easy way to let your passion run wild when the time is right. Just make sure you’re not shy, and use the games to your advantage – you’ll feel a lot more intimate and ready to connect on a deeper level with your partner in no time. Here are a few of the best 2 player board games for date night.


I’ve Never

A daring game that gets you to learn lots of insane things about the man or woman you’re dating. Remember that they’ll get to learn a lot about you as well – so you’ll likely end up a lot closer and more intimate after playing for a while.


An intimate and emotional game, it offers over four hundred seductive ideas that might help fantasies turn into reality. It features three different levels of play – intimate, passionate and steamy – and playing it is a great way to start creating tension between the two of you.

Do Tell

Do Tell is another of these ice breaker games – it’ll help you connect on a deeper level, reveal things about yourselves and relate to each other more. There are the “Do” cards, which give you an opportunity to show your hidden skills, “Tell”, which order you to speak up about what’s in your mind, “Risk” cards, which ask you about challenging subjects, and “Wild” ones which, well, shake things up a bit.

Sexy Truth Or Dare

This is a version of truth or dare in which its not the participants who choose what to do or answer – there are fifty sticks, each with a truth on a side and a dare on the other – and you and your partner pull one at a time, in order to see what they should do or answer. Of course, this is designed to help shake things up a bit when you’re shy, and it does a great job at that!